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Do Dental Issues Cause Headaches?

November 17, 2022 7:19 pm
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There are many causes of headaches, but did you know that some headaches may originate from issues in the mouth and jaw? If you’re intrigued, read on to learn more!

Teeth Grinding

You might not be conscious of it, but when experiencing emotional distress, you may be grinding or clenching your teeth throughout the day and night. Known as “bruxism,” this condition can trigger pain in your jaw and face, and expand to your head. The sensation travels through nerve connections, and in this case, the trigeminal nerve. If you have bruxism, a mouthguard at night could help relieve some of the tension. We recommend that you visit your dentist for an individualized consultation.

Bad Bite

When your teeth or jaw are misaligned, this can cause muscle strain and lead to headaches and migraines. Crowded teeth, overbite, underbite, and loose or missing teeth are some factors that cause the muscles to work harder for teeth to meet. So chewing, swallowing, and even closing the mouth requires extra strength. This persistent pressure on the muscles can often cause the pain to drift throughout the face and head.

TMJ/TMD (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder)

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder is often referred to as the pain caused in the jaw joint. Your jaw joint connects the jaw to your skull, so when you experience pain there, the pain can often reach the neck and head. Caused by arthritis, teeth grinding, injury, and other factors, TMJ/TMD is quite common and can be diagnosed by your dentist or physician.

Tooth Decay

Cavities, tooth infections, and gum disease can cause toothaches which can also trigger migraines and headaches. This can give the impression that one is having a headache rather than an oral issue. This is another reason why it’s imperative to keep up with your regular checkups to take preventive measures.

Pain Relief in Cedar Park, TX

The root cause of a headache or a migraine can be more complex than you think. Dr. Ana Torres and our team at Dental Salon would be happy to chat with you. We’ll help you discover the cause of your pain, and if it’s dental related, come up with a treatment plan. Contact us today!

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