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What Could Be Causing Your Tooth Pain?

June 27, 2023 5:17 pm
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When a tooth starts to hurt, you may feel a twinge with every bite of food you take but you may not know what’s causing it. That’s a common problem. Determining the cause of a toothache is not as simple as seeing a bruise on your leg and remembering that you bumped into the counter. Tooth pain is a symptom for a variety of dental issues. Here are a few things that could be the cause.

Severe Tooth Decay

Cavities don’t always hurt. Sometimes they’re so small that you may not even see or feel them. But if the decay is serious and there’s a hole in your teeth, it’s possible that the decay has spread deeper into the tooth where the nerves are and this can cause pain. Dental Salon provides composite, tooth colored fillings to repair teeth damaged by cavities. For more serious decay, we provide other restorative services to eliminate your pain.

Gum Disease

Two of the common symptoms of gum disease are sensitive gums and receding gums. In both cases, you may notice some pain. Because of this sensitivity, brushing your teeth and eating can irritate your gums and feel uncomfortable. When your gums recede because of gum disease, more of your tooth root is exposed and that area is sensitive. Gum disease can eventually lead to tooth loss so it’s important to begin a treatment program as soon as possible to restore your dental health.

Teeth Grinding

Do you wake up in the morning with a sore mouth or jaw? It’s possible that you’re grinding away at your teeth while you sleep. This is a condition called bruxism. Not only can this cause jaw pain but it can also wear away at your tooth enamel so that the pressure is really felt down to the nerves. Dental Salon offers custom fitted night guards to protect your teeth and eliminate the discomfort that comes from teeth grinding.

Tooth Pain Relief in Cedar Park, TX

Whenever you experience tooth pain, it’s best to visit a dentist so they can pinpoint what’s wrong and provide the right kind of treatment. Our friendly team at Dental Salon will diagnose the cause of your tooth pain and discuss with you the best solution to eliminate your discomfort and restore your oral health. We also offer emergency dental care if needed. Contact us today!

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